Writing under extreme stress

Sometimes life gives you plenty of lemonades. Like a truckful of them and then some.

Can you write during difficult times? Or should you even write?

I’ve just found out that I cannot write. I can write this blog, obviously, once a week or once a forthnight or so. Writing anything else for my pleasure at the moment is impossible. My mind freezes. It’s very difficult to write about a world which you have imagined and which does have beauty in it when your life is going downhill. Survival mode kicks in. My mind focuses on the things I’ve got to do.

I do know that I should do pleasurable things, like read, write and exercise, despite of the situation. I can read, but only in small bits. I can walk, for some time. But write I cannot. Maybe I will have to let creative writing go for a while – just for so long that the situation clears up. I know that I can imagine and that I do have the ability to write. It should be enough for now.

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