5 ways to achieve flow when writing

How hard writing really is? I mean, it’s just putting words together after one another, right?

Well… no. For me writing is sometimes like pulling your teeth out without an anesthetic. On other days I effortlessly enter a flow state and hours just pass by. When you mostly do writing in your day job, living on the edge every day becomes rather tiring. So, how can you achieve a good writing flow?

  • Listen to your favourite music.  Choose the kind of music which keeps you going and doesn’t interfere too much with your writing. I cannot for example listen to music in German when I’m writing. It totally messes with my Finnish and English writing abilities.
  • Get up, walk and make some tea. Tea and honey have saved me many times. Moving gets your brain to work and relieves your anxiety.
  • Plan at least some of your blog posts, Tweets or Facebook posts in advance. You can even write your Tweets in advance and schedule their publication for later. Instant stress relief.
  • Keep a list of your ideas. You can use your phone, keep a notepad and pencil with you or dictate your ideas. Losing an idea will definitely bug you, especially if you have a deadline to meet! In a bad writing day you can just use one of your ideas and start writing from there.
  • Take content-appropriate photos in advance and create your own photo library. This can save at least 30-60 minutes of your time every day!